Never Give Up :)

Whatever you want in life… REACH OUT AND GRAB IT. If you want something bad enough, if there’s enough PASSION inside of you, if you’re completely MOTIVATED and dedicated and KNOW what you want there really is nothing stopping you… EVERYTHING is possible :)

Obviously sometimes it’s okay to give up on things we don’t really care for or desire. BUT! If your heart wants it and your body KNOWS you want it… NEVER GIVE UP!!! This is one of my dad’s and grandpa’s biggest sayings :) A big part of why I am the person I am today is because of this mentality.. thank you :)

It may seem silly to some, but my goal in yoga has been to master headstands and handstands… I seem to be challenged at yoga since my body has never been very flexible, being a soccer player and runner my whole life. Everything just takes THAT much longer. hahaha

I was having a kind of weird day yesterday, just kind of quiet and not into things. Yoga was a hard place to get my butt to yesterday, I have to admit :) When the teacher said we were going to work on headstands, I wasn’t too impressed. I didn’t feel like trying at that moment. I could have sat on my mat and watched everyone else, but I TRIED… and guess what, I mastered that tri-pod headstand for a whole half a minute!!! THREE TIMES! WHAT A CHANGE IN MY ATTITUDE IT BROUGHT!!! The cool thing was Melissa was beside me mastering her first ever head stand too :) What a great day it turned out to be – just by changing my attitude :)

So never give up! Whether it be a headstand, a handstand, or even touching your toes (I never used to be able to do even THAT!)… KEEP on GIVEN”ER!!!! whatever is important to you, IS IMPORTANT. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Write down something today that you TRULY DESIRE and KNOW YOU WILL ACHIEVE!!!

“When you know what you want, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it” – Paolo Coelho

Smile with your HEART!!!

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