FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #20-Have a BONFIRE!!!

I woke up this morning still smelling like campfire, and loved it :) I started my day yesterday (a day off for me!) with a hike in deep cove with my mom… we loved it. Felt so good!

Later in the day we got the nursing girls and some more friends together and headed to WRECK!!! LOVE THAT BEACH!! I swear it’s the nicest beach in van! Gorgeous sunset, happy people, friends, beers, blankets, guitars, snacks, good times, tons of laughing and even a tarot card reading:)

We even made friends with all the locals down there (Carly especially)… so random! haha.. If you’ve never been to wreck, it’s DEFINITELY something to add to your bucket list ;)

After we got kicked out at sunset, we headed to our secret spot and got the bonfire going!!! Who needs to go to a bar on a Saturday night when you’ve got a bonfire on the beach, beer in hand and guitar tunes while in the company of good friends! I think we’re onto something :) Looks like this might just become a weekend tradition :) I LOVE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!


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