FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #17Jump in PUDDLES!

Remember when you were little… on rainy days you would get so excited to put on your colorful wellington boots and jump around in puddles?? Well, who says you can’t still jump in puddles!!! Today the rain was AMAZING!!! It was POURING and the air smelled so good since it hadn’t rained it what seems like weeks.

So next time its pouring cats and dogs, leave your umbrella by the door, put on a raincoat (or even one of those yellow ponchos from the dollar store), squeeze on your wellies and jump in the puddles! Trust me, you will be busting a gut… SO FUN!!! Once you’re wet, you might as well get soaked and ENJOY the moment!! Try just standing there with your arms out and your mouth open.. you’ll feel like a kid again :) Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of fun times in the rain b/c my camera isn’t waterproof..hahaha. But I always have my wellies handy in the trunk of my car! Here’s me and JC catching snowflakes in Calgary in April though, kinda the same thing!!

Smile with your Heart!!!

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