FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #14BALANCE your life

Since day one of this nursing program, teachers and students have been warning us of semester 7… well guess what.. the time has come :) haha… It’s only week one and I feel completely overwhelmed. The cool thing is, I KNOW I will get through it… I just have to take it day by day and one week at a time :) One of my plans to keep me sane this semester is to take EVERY saturday off.. I am holding myself to this goal! It’s SO important to have a balanced life… it feels GREAT to work hard, but it feels even BETTER when you balance your hard work with things that make you feel GOOD!

This Saturday, I started the day off with an awesome hike at Buntzen Lake with Karen and Clorinda :) Love those girls!! Hiking has to be one of my favorite things to do EVER!!! It feels AMAZING to be in nature, taking your time and most importantly, in the company of beautiful friends :) After the hike, I loaded the car with CD’s and headed onto the Sea to Sky to WHISTLER!!! LOVE THAT DRIVE!!! Especially on a gorgeous day like yesterday :) I picked up Pookie and we headed up to JC’s cabin on Liliooet Lake… so far removed from the city buzz… it was AMAZING!!! Things don’t get much better then telling stories around a campfire with a clear sky full of stars, drinking wine, eating chocolate and even a shrimp ring (hahah.. pookie you’re hilarious) surrounded by awesome friends… We were definitely loving our lives right now!!!!

We ventured (slowly and painfully) to the lake this morning and baked in the sun. I attempted to do some homework but found it nearly impossible, so came home earlier than planned to get the work done. I could have stayed in the city and stressed about all of the reading I have to get done, but instead I took the time to visit amazing friends, and filled my happiness tank up! Back to the books tonight on this GORGEOUS evening! But it was so worth it!!!

Make sure to always balance hard work with too much fun! That’s my suggestion :) It seems to work well for me!

Smile with your HEART!

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  1. “filled up my happiness tank” — I love that expression! And yes, today, I started reading your blog from the very beginning. We’ll see how long it takes me to experience your year!

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