National Nurses Week!!!

I am so proud to be on this path of becoming a nurse!!! What an AMAZING profession!! Friends who know me well are probably shocked that I’m saying this right now.. haha. The last 3 1/2 years of my life have been extremely challenging, stressful and overwhelming since being in nursing school. I have gone through so much… so many experiences, many of which have been life changing. I have dealt with so many things: death and dying, bringing new life into this world, patients suffering with deathly illnesses, cureable diseases, scared patients, hopeful patients, ANGRY and confused patients :) Every emotion, I have pretty much experienced on one level or another during this journey.

It’s funny, up until today, I have complained about nursing school and have constantly questioned what the heck I am doing. I have always wondered if it really was for me. Today was a huge awakening… 2 nurses in their late-70s came to give a lecture today about the history of nursing. It made me so proud to hear what they had to say… this truly is an amazing profession which attracts such beautiful souls. We work so hard to become educated so we truly can provide the best care for the most vulnerable paients. What a great feeling. I feel so proud today to say that I will soon be a nurse. This journey has had much laughter, tears, anxiety, stress… you name it. But through all of this, I have grown so much as a person and feel that I have touched so many lives. I am so grateful to all of the girls in my class… without you guys I probably wouldn’t still be in this program.. so THANK YOU!!! I love you guys :) And thank you to my family who has supported me so much through this challenging time… I am so grateful. Hard work definitely pays off, and I’m beginning to feel the end of this well-worth journey :) So proud to be a nurse!!!

Send your appreciation to a nurse today.. trust me, they will greatly appreciate it. I swear they are a different breed. If you don’t know a nurse, extend gratitude to someone who has cared for you in your life… it will make you feel good to give thanks :)

(This pic is of me and my nursing girls… i love you guys so much :) Lets make sure to get another group pic in 50 years… i’m sure we will all have made a huge difference in the world by then… so exciting of all the possibilities!!!!)

Smile with your Heart!!!

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