FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #13TAKE THE STAIRS!!!

Elevators?? Escalators?? What are those??! TAKE THE STAIRS!!! It ALL adds up!!! If you make one small change a day by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, GUARANTEED you will feel better and start to notice buns of steal starting to form too ;) Soon you’ll start looking for the stairs wherever you go.. and you will most likely inspire someone else who’s waiting for that metal door to open.
Try parking your car a bit farther too… whoever you’re with probably won’t like it much at first but maybe they’ll start doing it too.. it feels good! And then you also don’t have to look as hard for those parking spots everyone else wants closer to the store :) Less time waiting, and more time moving which will release a surge of endorphins = helping you to FEEL GOOD and smile at life!! Again, you’ll inspire someone else without even knowing it :)

Here’s JC and I climbing the stairs in Calgary!! She’s 8 months preggers and kicking BUTT!!! Looking so BEAUTIFUL!!! There’s no excuse!!!! Try taking the stairs today :) Its so simple!!

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