FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #11ROADTRIP!!!!

That’s right… grab some friends, or go solo, hop in a car (or a bike if you don’t have a car :), blast the tunes (preferrably country!!) and head somewhere.. ANYWHERE!!! Doesn’t matter where you’re going!!! Oooh, that sounds good… it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey :) hhaha One of my favorite things to do is pack a car full of girlfriends, blast the tunes and SING at the top of our lungs!! MurF and I are good at singing together too :) hahaha The second day we hung out, we drove in the pilly van to Squamish blasting Big Hard Sun all the way…. we must have listened to it twenty or so times… so goood!! Sometimes I’ll drive to Squamish solo just to think… it’s a calming feeling.. it feels good!

I’m off to BANFF & CALGARY right now!!! I haven’t seen MurF in a WEEK and JC in a month… can’t WAIT!!!!

Smile with your HEART!!!

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