FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #10ENJOY EARTH DAY EVERYDAY :)

HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! Who says we need a “special” day to celebrate??!! I say we make EVERY day EARTH DAY… lets all be just a little kinder to our planet. It can be simple things, like bringing your own mug to the coffee shop, using re-usable grocery bags, unplugging appliances, turning the heat down… you name it :) It can become a fun thing discovering ways to treat the earth more gently :)

I had such an AMAZING day…! The best part of it was playing the geeetar with Carly in my new favorite tree near Wreck Beach… thanks for taking me there Carly!!!!! I LOVED IT!!! The tree is known as the “hand of God” because of the way the roots have shaped. It’s perfect for chilling, climbing and soaking up a beautiful sunset. What an amazing feeling to sit in the hands of this tree and watch the sun go down in great company:) So simple!!! Life is so simple..! Just BE and ENJOY each moment. Put your feet in the sand. It will help ground yourself to the earth… if each of us make just a simple change, become more aware, big things will happen… :)

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Live life Softly. Live life Kind. Smile with your Heart!! :)

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