Best & Worst at Boston :)

What an amazing day…!! Uunfortuantely it was the WORST race of my entire LIFE!!! The weather was PERFECT… clear skies, cool weather and I was super pumped to kick some BUTT!!! Unfortunately, I had some nausea problems since the morning which became unbearable at 25km, making it almost impossible to run.. so i shuffled my way to the end… with a BIG SMILE on my face the whole way!!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! I was just soaking it up :) Until the halfway point I was running at the best pace I have ever run which made it suuuper frustrating when my legs felt so powerful, but my body wouldn’t let me keep going… not meant to be I guess!!! People in the crowd were trying to get me to RUN, but all I could do was give them a big smile… :) It was good practice for myself to still enjoy the experience and not let mey ego get in the way… How could you NOT smile running the BOSTON MARTAHON though??!!!

This years race and last years have definitely been some of the coolest experiences of my life… yet :) I’m so glad to have run an awesome race last year which allowed me to experience this amazing day once again. I WILL BE BACK BOSTON!!!! Thank you everyone for all your support… I was smiling the whole way, definitely loving my life right now :) and thinking of everyone in my life who has helped me get where I am today. And thank you Dad, my awesome COACH! for making this happen… THANK YOU!!! WHAT A COOL TRIP!!!!!!!!!!


Smile with your heart :)

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