Boston Day 3!!!

Another amazing day!!   I woke up at 4:30am Vancouver time, after dreaming all night of missing the buss on race day, forgetting my bag, and having to run the race in high heels… anxious maybe??!! hahaha. There was a yoga class at the Lululemon store about half hour away, and I was suuuuper tired, but NEW that going would help make me feel amazing. My mom gave me some quotes titled Wisdom from an 80 year old, and one of my favorites is: “No matter how you feel get up, dress up and show up”. I was telling myself that this morning, and was so glad I went :) It was great to be around such uplifting, stoked, passionate people.. and I LOVED the yoga class!! I’m often asked why I do these races? The instructor answered this in the class by stating that the reason we go out there, is to ultimately feel the combination of energy which is so inspiring to each of us.  Yes, we do it for ourselves, to reach our goals and to accomplish something.. BUT, I technically could run this race on my own.. which would SUCK!!   So instead, we run together.  What she said today, really touched me.. I liked it.

The BEST part of our day though, was the BALLGAME!!!  It was a bit delayed due to a downpour and it rained on and off, but SO FUN!! I wimped out from shivering too much because my pants were all wet (hahaha), so we had to leave early.. but it was AWESOME!!!
Just got back from a big pasta dinner in little Italy… Met some friendly people at the resaturant who were happy to know that we think the people here are awesome :) They are used to being called “Massholes” (From Massachusetts)… we made them smile : Alright, gonna try to get a good sleep tonight. I’m aiming for a new personal best of 3:35 tomorrow so we can come back NEXT YEAR!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!

Smile with your heart! (Carly’s quote said it perfect: You run the first 1/3 of the race with your head, the second with your personality, and the third with your heart… I will be smiling all the way!!!!!!!!!!!) – thanks Carly!!!!

Smile with your heart!

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