At the airport, headin’ to BOSTON with my dad!!! I’m super STOKED!!!!

Qualifying for this race was always a HUGE goal for me… I tried qualifying at the Vancouver 2007 marathon, but no luck thanks to a mini-injury. In 2008, I NEW that it would be my year. Boston was on my vision board, and there was no way it wasn’t going to happen!! I made a bet with my dad that if I qualified, we’d go together to Boston the next year… guess who my first phone call was to at the end of the Vancouver race 2008??! I just made the qualifying time by 20seconds… 3:39:39… crazy!! (Thanks Natty ICE!!!) Couldn’t have done it without you and all the friends that showed up to cheer me on.  That was the biggest thing I had ever accomplished up until then… that dream seemed so far away, but I DID IT with the help of so many friends!! After qualifying for my ultimate marathon goal, it seemed so REAL to me that EVERYTHING really is possible :)

Last years race was the coolest experience of my life… People were cheering the ENTIRE way, all 42km!!! I felt like a celebrity.  Loved it so much, that I qualified AGAIN!!! 3:36:00!!! What a cool city and a great time of year to go!!! The city is PUMPED because baseball season is just starting and it’s basketball and hockey playoffs.. PLUS the marathon!!

This year my goal is to get a Personal Best of 3:35… anything is possible.  Thanks SO MUCH for all of the support!!! And THANKS LULULEMON for the kickASS OUTFIT!!! You guys ROCK!!!


Alright, time to board now… I LOVE TRAVELLING!!! I even love hanging out at the airport.  Happy FRIDAY!

Smile with your heart!

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