FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #8CALL A FRIEND A DAY :)

So you know that saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away??!! Well… same goes with calling a friend a day :) Surrounding ourselves with people we care for and who love us back is HUGE for our well-being… !

This semester I’ve had the opportunity as a nursing student to visit elderly people in their homes. What I have come to notice is that the patients who are surrounded by love and support appear to be healthier, happier and have an overall more positive outlook on life. There was one particular lady I visited who had absolutely no-one… she lived alone, had nothing good to say and appeared to be completely miserable. My heart went out for this lady… I might have been the only person she talked to all day. On this same day, I visited an energetic little lady, who had me rush her appointment because her friends were coming over to play bridge :) They had similar illnesses, although she looked at life differently… she had a sparkle to her soul that inspired ME!!

One of my favorite nursing instructors once told me… “Life is all about relationships, it’s the only thing that matters”… If for some reason we lost all of our material possessions, what would we be left with??!! RELATIONSHIPS… community, family and friends… this is all that really matters!!! So my advice to you (and myself!) is to surround yourself with beautiful, loving people and make sure to nourish these relationships… one of our basic needs is to love and be loved… so show some love by calling a friend today :)

Smile with your heart :) !!

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