FEEL GOOD Project: ideas to make you smile :) #6MAKE WEEKLY GOALS :)

I did it!! 7 days of yoga, and made it to 9 classes!!! I feeeeel FANTASTIC!!!! hahaha.. I’m going to go get my reward pretty soon here… a latte and one of those addicting oatmeal bars from JJ Bean :) I gave up cookies for a while once, and discovered the damn good oatmeal bar (which if shaped in a circle would probably be called a cookie… but I’ve convinced myself otherwise :)

But really… try setting ONE goal a week, and make sure you have a reward for when you accomplish it! The reward can be anything… like a coffee, a bubble bath… you name it.. doesn’t have to cost a cent :) It’s best if you write your goal down, put it somewhere you can see it and tell someone about it because then all of a sudden you’re accountable for it :) My goal this week is to book 2 singing lessons for this month… reward, hmmmm… sometimes that’s the hardest part :) I’ll think about it… :)

Here’s a pic of me snowshoe running… it’s my Lululemon Ambassador photo!! I am Kitsilano’s Lifestyle Ambassador – Adventure Rockstar!!! This was an overwhelming HUGE goal for me, but once I broke it down.. it became easier to take the steps to get’er done!!!… so drop by the Kitsilano Lululemon store on W.4th to check out an AMAZING crew and to say hi to me ! (well my cardboard version anyways..hahaha)…

Try writing down one goal TODAY!!! EVERYTHING is possible!!! … Smile with your heart! :)

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