Sooo, I’m not your average girl from vancity… i’m a “fruitcake” as my dad puts it :)  I like to live day by day, focusing on the moment… I don’t really worry about things, everything always just seems to work out :)  I’m starting this website to open up doors for my new career!!!  .. to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest potential. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!  I’ve found my dream man.. he actually showed up right at my door step … :)  I have a beautiful family and amazing friends…  Now it’s time for me to build and create my DREAM CAREER!!!  The last piece of the puzzle :) I’m turning my passion into my profession… anything is possible!

My dream is to get paid to TRAVEL THE WORLD!!!  and inspire everyone around me while I’m at it :)  I’m going to blog about my rockstar adventures in and around BC, & around the WORLD!! There will be tons of hiking, traveling, camping, adventure days, music, challenging moments through nursing school ;), all while loving my life right now with friends I love :) If I can help make you smile… I’m on the right track… bubbaganoooosh!

Smile with your HEART!!!

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  1. Hey Jenn, I just wanted to thank you for your blog site. as one of my new goals i want to read one of your blogs everyday to be inspired and try new things. Im a nursing student in my first year and cannot even picture the end of this! (sooo much work) and i also love running so this is so cool to read. Thank you!

    • Wow, thanks Emily!!! I understand how you feel as a first year nursing student – I think that’s why I started writing this. To help myself and my classmates get through! You can do it!!! Just push through – time will fly by and you’ll have the most amazing friendships at the end of it. Good luck!

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